Auction on Flame OOAK part 2

Пост обновлен март 4

Hello my dear doll collectors and lovers. Today I would like to tell you how the auction for Flame will be held tomorrow. The auction will be transparent.

It will take place here on one of the blog pages by means of a comment (this will be your bid).


* You must pay for the item you won at the auction.

Therefore, please do not start bidding and do not place bids if you are not sure that you want to buy this doll.

For refusing to pay for the auction won, the buyer can get blocked on this site and will be blacklisted as unwanted buyers.


1. Your profile at the time of bidding must contain a valid email to contact you. Your name and country of the recipient.

2. 18-year-olds and fully capable individuals can participate in the auction.

3. The source of official information about the item (doll) presented at the auction is the catalog-photo published on the website tendercreation.com

4. The auction is conducted by the tender_creation auctioneer on this site in the BLOG section. The auctioneer accepts, analyzes and regulates the bids made during the auction in the comments to the post. The final decision on the disputed issues that arose during the auction remains with the auctioneer.

5. The winner is the participant who offered the maximum bid in the comments to the auction.

6. At the end of the auction, the Buyer is issued an invoice for the payment of the lot. The final amount consists of the value of the lot at the end of the auction. Delivery is paid by the buyer (from 40-70 USD, depending on the country of the winner). Worldwide delivery.

7. Installments are possible and discussed after the auction is completed


1. The auction will be considered completed if there are at least 2 participants.

2. Your comment is your bet.

3. The initial price of the lot will be announced on the trading day tomorrow (March 4) at 4: 00 pm Moscow time.

4. The minimum bid increment is 50 usd. Maximum - any. You can't interrupt your bet!

5. Other people's bets can be interrupted as many times as you want.

6. FORBIDDEN! delete and cancel your bets.

7. The auction starts on March 4 at 16: 00 Moscow time. The auction ends on March 7 at 4: 00 pm Moscow time.

8. The STOP will be announced on March 7 at 16: 00 Moscow time. Betting is written after the word STOP shall NOT be accepted. So don't wait for the last seconds.

Привет дорогие мои коллекционеры и любители кукол. Сегодня я бы хотела рассказать каки